Because of Love “NEW RELEASE”

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Where It All Comes From Worth Every Mile Your Love Is Through The Roof The Closer I Get To The Cross God Is Greater I've Got Forever On My Mind What A Ride Everywhere Live Because Of Love


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Ive_Come_Here_To_Tell_You_clip I Believe Hes Coming Back The Anchor Holds Joys Gonna Come In The Morning Livin_With_The_Light_On We_Have_A_Hope Ive_Come_Here_To_Tell_You_clip Ive Come A Long Way He_Looked_Beyond_My_Fault_clip Lift_Up_The_Cross Great_Beyond


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When_I_Get_Carried_Away The_Eastern_Gate Jesus_Loves_Me It_Is_No_Secret At_Calvary Get_All_Excited Jesus_Saves_clip The_Longer_I_Serve_Him Jesus_Hold_My_Hand Oh_Happy_Day


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I Believe Hes Coming Back Keep On The Firing Line The Anchor Holds I Must Tell Jesus I Will Glory In The Cross Joys Gonna Come In The Morning Jesus Savior Pilot Me Precious Lord Canaanland Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus


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Heaven Train Four Miracles Testify There's Somebody Out There In the Presence of Jehovah Heaven Medley Holy is the Lord God's Amazing Grace Rest In Me There's Not A Cry It's Not What You Know Favorite Song of All Will You Love Jesus More


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There_is_a_Savior If_The_Rocks_Could_Talk Heaven_To_Me Lift_Up_The_Cross Wonder_Working_Power For_Every_Whosoever_Will He_Gets_Sweeter_To_Me Livin_With_The_Light_On We_Have_A_Hope Big_Halelujah


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Ive_Come_Here_To_Tell_You When_The_Son_Finally_Sets Power_in_the_Lord Shadow_Of_The_Cross Even_So_Come_Lord_Jesus Every_Step Along_For_The_Ride Seeking_Shelter Fountain_Of_Living_Water All_I_Ever_Need He_Looked_Beyond_My_Fault


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Great_Beyond Ive Come A Long Way Its Been A Journey Ive Got Victory In My Soul I_Know_Why Jumpin_In Dont_Look_At_The_Storm Stepping_Stones_Of_Faith He_Knows It_Takes_Faith Draw_Me_Close

Declaration Lyrics

Sandy Knight

Verse 1 & 2: Rich Crist and Tami Crist Starkel

Chorus: All

Verse 1
Would you stop to make a statement do you need to make this claim
Do you dare declare His glory is the only hope for man
Do you compromise your faith do you mix with worldly ways
Can you make this Holy claim do you take His Holy name
Will you make this declaration of the Christ?

I declare the Christ I declare Messiah
He is my Lord, He is my Light, He is my God, He is my Life, I declare the Christ
I stand for His name, I stand for His pain, and confess to this world that only Christ reigns
Right now right where I stand I now make my declaration of the Christ

Verse 2
An eternal declaration of eternal independence
From a world that’s sure shatter like a vapor in the wind
Unto all whom Christ has called this requirement one and all
To name the name of Christ and stand for God and right
And make this declaration of the Christ

Rebecca Peck Centergy Music BMI
John W. Mathis Jr. Thomas Peck Music BMI

Verse 1: Tami Crist Starkel
Chorus: Tami Crist Starkel lead with group BGV’s
Verse 2: Tami Crist Starkel with Rich Crist on 2nd line
Bridge: All, Tami Crist Starkel on echo

Verse 1
Oh there have been times I wanted to give in
Just toss in the towel throw my hands up and quit
Though life can get hard through it all I can see
God’s been nothin’ but good, good, good, good to me

God’s been nothin’ but good to me He’s my soul provider, all I need
Let me tell ya He’s faithful and true and always will be
So I’ll keep walkin’ on in confidence thinkin’ ‘bout the way His hand has blessed
God’s been nothin’ but good, nothin’ but good, good to me

Verse 2
When my soul was lost He saved me by His grace
When my body was weak I felt His healin’ embrace
When my money was low He supplied my need
God’s been nothin’ but good, good, good, good to me

God’s been nothin’ but good (He’s been so good)
Good to me (Good to me)
God’s been nothin’ but good (God’s been so good)
Good to me (Oh to me)

Gary Coolbeth
Merryall Music

Verse 1: Jackie Crist
Verse 2: Jackie Crist and Breana Crist
Chorus and Bridge: Jackie Crist, Breana Crist, and Rich Crist

Verse 1
I may have moments of unbelief but I don’t let it worry me
It’s just a feelin’ that comes and goes
My head may doubt but my heart knows

My heart knows Jesus loves me and washed my sins away
I know He will keep me forever
No matter where my head is at I will not be moved
‘Cause my heart knows the truth

Verse 2
Satan will whisper try to deceive
To make us doubt what we believe
But we know better we have God’s word
It’s in my heart safe and sure

Waves of doubt may toss us to and fro
Oh but we will sail on this I know

Marty Funderburk, Paul Williams
Daywind Music

Verse 1 & Verse 2: Rich Crist
Chorus: Rich Crist with all female BGV’s

Verse 1
I look around me and I see a world that must break Your heart
I point my fingers and I say that I will never be a part
Of anything that only brings reproach upon Your name
But when I look into the mirror, Lord, I see I’m much the same

Start with me, start a mighty move, O God, across the land
Start by changing every part of who I am
Till I’m the person I was meant to be
Change the world and start with me

Verse 2
How can I judge my brother when I know you see the me inside
How dare I talk of Your forgiveness with a heart so full of pride
O God remind me I’d be nothing were it not for grace
Remove these shadows from my heart and put Your mercy in it’s place

David Patillo
Heartwrite BMI

Verse 1: Tom Joyce
Verse 2: Tom Joyce with female BGV’s
Chorus: Tom Joyce, Rich Crist, and John Starkel

Verse 1
Sometimes the shadows fall over me
That’s when the pathway is not easy to see
I’m never worried wherever I go
I’ll follow Jesus He knows the way home

He knows the way home so I’ll follow Him
When the skies have turned grey and the pathway grows dim
With His hand in mine I’m never alone
I’ll follow Him He knows the way home

Verse 2
We all encounter seasons of life
Where there is no sunshine, only shadows of night
We have a Shepherd He’s not far away
Walk in His footsteps let Him lead the way

Joseph Habedank, Mathew Holt
HabeHolt Music

Verse 1: Rich Crist
Verse 2: Rich Crist, Tami Crist Starkel, Lisa Crist
Chorus and Bridge: All

Verse 1
She made her way down to the tomb bearing spices and perfume
The Rock of all the ages was supposed to be inside
But when she arrived to her surprise He was gone and she cried

Verse 2
He made His way to the now empty room
Aware that Mary’s weepin’ would cease from her soon
She knew it was the Savior when He called her by name
She ran to tell the others through her smile she proclaimed

Hallelujah He is risen He’s living again
I just came from the garden where I talked to my friend
I know He’s alive and well deaths door is unlocked
No the stone could not hold the rock

Verse 3
I made my way to holiest place striving to catch just a glimpse of His face
I saw a sweet vision when I gazed at the throne
Occupied by the Rock who will soon call us home

Hallelujah Thine the glory, hallelujah amen
Hallelujah Thine the glory, He’s coming again, again

Sandy Knight, Rodney Birch

Verse 1: Tami Crist Starkel with Breana on line 3
Verse 2: Tami Crist Starkel with Rich Crist on line 2
Chorus and Bridge: All

Verse 1
A mountain needs moving you can’t do it, God has a mighty strong hand
Your body needs healing, I’ve got a feeling healing is in God’s plan
Say It’s been a long night, say it’s been a long fight God’s workin’ for you
When you can’t do it God keeps doin’ only what God can do

Do what you can and watch God do the things you cannot do
Go where you go and watch God show up in places you can’t go
He’s matchless, boundless, mighty creator, bountiful blessings, no limitation
Omnipotent God doing only what God can do

Verse 2
Say you’ve got a problem God can solve it, He has the answer for you
Runnin’ out of time, ready to unwind still God won’t move
Reading in the good book, time to take a long look God’s waitin’ on you
To stop what you’re doin’ and watch God doin’ only what God can do ya

Do what you can and watch God move, do what you can, do what you can
(Do what you can and watch God move)

Sue Smith, Joel Lindsey
Brentwood Benson

Verse 1 & Chorus 1: Rich Crist
Verse 2 and Chorus 2: Rich Crist with all female BGV’s

Verse 1
When you walk through the valley and can’t see the light
When you hurt from the struggle or you’re tired from the fight
Whether everything turns out just how you prayed
Or you have to press on with nothing but faith

There’s a song in there somewhere God’s given to you
It says you can trust Him to carry you through
In the storm and the darkness there’s a sweet melody
There’s a song in there somewhere God will help you to sing

Verse 2
I can look back on times when it seemed hope was gone
And remember the comfort of learning that song
So my friend if your burdened by heartache and grief
If you’ll hold on to Jesus I promise you’ll see

John Robinson
Thomas Peck Music BMI

Verse 1: John Starkel
Verse 2: John Starkel and Breana Crist
Chorus: All
Bridge: All and Jackie Crist solo line

Verse 1
Don’t wanna sing yesterday’s song
I want a new song in my heart today
A song about how Jesus brought me out
A song of victory a song of praise

I’ll sing a new song when Your Spirit moves on me
I’ll sing a new song, a song of the redeemed
I’ll lift my voice high to praise and glorify
Your Holy Name, Your Holy Name
I’ll let the words flow from the river in my soul
I’ll shout your praises to let the whole world know
As long as I have breath in me to sing, I’ll sing a new song

Verse 2
Lord you’re worthy, you and you alone
To be honored there upon your throne
As I thank You, You’ll open heavens gates
Then I’ll enter to your courts with praise

All glory and honor belongs to you
Forever and ever my praise is due
To the one who has taken my sin away,
And given me a reason to lift my voice and sing

Rebecca J. Peck Thomas Peck Music BMI
Steven Cheney Chaurel Music ASCAP

Verse 1: Tami Crist Starkel
Chorus, Verse 2, & Bridge: All

Verse 1
There is no name so sweet as yours
There is no name more precious my Lord
No name in Heaven or on earth here below
Can set captives free or save a lost soul

There is no name I’d rather hear
I speak it with reverence and I hold it so dear
I give you all honor and all of the praise
You are worthy and I proclaim
Jesus, there is no other name

Verse 2
I bless your name in moments of rest
I bless your name when I’m put to the test
Now and forever my voice magnifies
My Savior, Redeemer, Jesus Christ

Wonderful Councilor, Everlasting Prince of Peace
Mighty God, Living Word, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings