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NQC Highlights Mainstage

We had the opportunity this year to sing on Wednesday night starting out with “A Family Kind of Thing” with the Hoppers.  It is basically a set which starts with our two families singing a song together (we sang “When I Get Carried Away”). We started out our set with “I Love Lovin”.  Which of [...]

Live In Charlotte DVD

It’s finally here! LIVE IN CHARLOTTE DVD!  Featuring your favorite songs like, “My Heart Knows”, “The Rock”, “There Is No Other Name”, “Oh Happy Day” and many more.  Filmed in High-Def., at The City of Light, Inspiration Ministries, in Charlotte, NC.  Visit our store and get your copy today! Tweet

NQC Rewind!

What a week!  Day one we started off running as we were setting up our booth one minute and then hosting and singing for a showcase the next.  Rich, Bre and Jackie hosted for 2 hours and then Rich and John finished up the last hour.  They all did such a great job. Now it was [...]