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“On The … Day Of Touring” …Ice Storm, Cancelled Dates & Football Games

The last several days have been very eventful for The Crist Family.  One thing we have learned in all of our years of ministry is you must be FLEXIBLE!  Sometimes plans change and you have to adapt.  As many of you have watched on your televisions this last week, if you were not in the path of the recent snow and ice storm, there was a storm that passed through some of the eastern states.  We had three concerts scheduled in the path of the storm.  All three of the concerts were cancelled.  That left us with the weekend off.


With nothing to do, we headed to Gallatin, TN to park at Micah and Jackie’s house for the next few days.  As we were traveling down the highway we were in a constant state of prayer as we passed accident after accident.  Praise God we arrived safely.

The next day was a day of laundry and cleaning the bus. Yes, cleaning the bus.  I couldn’t believe it either as I watched the guys outside in the freezing temperatures scrubbing down the bus with soap and water.


That evening we had the pleasure of being invited over to Micah’s parents house, Rick and Teresa Schweinsberg’s to watch the Ohio State & Michigan State Football game.  We also found out, thanks to Teresa’s connections that she had booked a concert for us Sunday morning at Highland Nazarene Church in Westmooreland, TN.

The next morning bright and early we were off to our concert.  The members of Highland Nazarene were so welcoming and we would like to thank both them and Teresa for the opportunity for to be a part of their service Sunday.

Today we are leaving  Gallatin and headed to Green Bay, WI.


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BruceNo Gravatar 13-12-2013, 14:03

Can’t wait to see you guys tonight at Tuscarora Inn in Mt Bethel PA


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