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“On The Third Day Of Touring”…CRASH!

Yes, you read it correctly. We had our first and hopefully last accident with the bus.  We have been hit one other time while parked in a truck stop but this is our first “on the road” accident in 9 1/2 years of traveling.  We praise God that no one was injured and that He has kept us safe all these years.  Below is a detailed account of the accident, for those who are interested.  I would also like to add that we enjoyed being with Bower Memorial Baptist in AL last night and are looking forward to our next stop in Hartford, KY at New Assembly Church tonight.

While rounding a curve on our way to our third concert in Evergreen, AL we were met in our lane by a car. Rich had observed the driver approaching and had slowed down to almost a stop before the impact. The driver of the car, a young man, didn’t look up until it was too late and the front middle of his hood went into the front driver’s side corner of the bus. The young man was shook up and frightened but unharmed. We were all fine and the bus damage won’t keep us from continuing the tour. The car, on the other hand, had to be removed by a wrecker and looked totaled. The police came and all paperwork, insurance information and accident accounts were taken and we proceeded the remaining half mile to the church where we set up and had a Christmas concert. We are very grateful for all the prayers for our safety and know that they were answered that day!








Joyce and Bob SpamerNo Gravatar 03-12-2013, 17:06

Praise the Lord that everyone is fine. We will continue to pray for all of you and the many other groups traveling that God will keep you safe.
Looking forward to bringing you back to the Rochester Area

Donna HefnerNo Gravatar 03-12-2013, 18:00

Praise the Lord that y’all are okay. I take it very seriously when I pray for traveling mercies for you, and evidently God takes it seriously, too! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Shelby DiiroNo Gravatar 03-12-2013, 21:50

Dear My All Time #1 Favorite Crist Family I’AM So Really Very Glad That Nobody Was Hurt And That UR Guys Bus Was Okay.

Myrtle PfisterNo Gravatar 03-12-2013, 23:27

Praise God no one was hurt , this could have been much worse..traveling mercies are so critical….glad that it did not interfere with the concert , but sorry this man has a car that is totaled…I hope he was not talking on a cell phone, or texting, when he drove into your lane….if so, this could be a wake up call…thank you Jesus for protection !!

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DavyNo Gravatar 08-12-2013, 19:27

Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you would like to see Him today!

SO glad you all are OK.



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